• Atta flour or wheat flour – 400 gm
  • Oil – 1 to 2 tablespoon
  • Salt – 2 pinch
  • Water – required amount


Preparation Method

  1. Add Atta flour, salt, Oil to a wide mouthed bowl. Mix it.


2. Add required amount of water, little by little to the flour mixture. Don’t add  water in one shot. So that you can able to monitor the correct texture of your dough.


3. Knead it roughly.


4. Place the roughly kneaded flour on a clean flat base or on kitchen top. Add some flour on it and knead it to a smooth dough (dough should not stick to your fingers).

5. Now split the kneaded dough into small even sized balls. Spread the small balls into a thin sheet (not too thin) with the rolling pin.

6. Place and press firmly, a cookie cutter or a cup inverted (round shaped) over the sheet and cut into circle shape. Repeat the same for the rest dough.

7. Dip the thin round sheets into hot oil (oil should be in correct temperature to get the puffed poori) and press the sheet until it puffs up. Then flip over to other side. Remove from the oil when it turns golden brown color.

header 1

Poori is ready. Poori masala, Kurma, Mutton kheema curry, chicken curry is the best combination for poori. Have with your desired side dish.


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