Virudhunagar Fish curry


This is the Fish curry my grandmother used to cook in my native place Virudhunagar. This is very delicious and one of the very easiest recipes too. My grandmother (aachi) 👵 will cook this curry very tastier. My mother is very interested to post this recipe than me because this is the signature dish of her town. I used mullet fish for this curry (madavai in tamil). You can use what ever fish you like except salmon & cod. Because they are very soft fish and will break into pieces if it boils in curry for 5 minutes. Try this fish curry and enjoy it. 😍😍


  • Tamarind – a lemon sized ball ( soak it in 4 cups of  water )
  • Small onion – 18 to 20 in numbers
  • Cumin seeds – 2 1/2 table spoons (heaped)
  • Dry red chilli – 11 to 12 in numbers ( I use round chillies here )
  • Fish – 500 gm ( 7 to 8 pieces )
  • Turmeric powder – 1/2 tea spoon
  • Sesame oil – 70 ml
  • Salt – to taste

Preparation Method

1.Clean the fish properly and cut into thin slices.


2. Soak tamarind ball in water for minimum 1 hour. After soaking, extract the juice of tamarind. Transfer the juice to kadaai or pan in which we are going to cook our fish curry and keep it aside.


3. Grind small onion, cumin seeds, and dry red chilli to a paste consistency.


4. After grinding the masala paste, mix it in the tamarind juice.


5. Add required salt to taste and turmeric powder. Let the mixture boil in the high flame for 7 to 9 minutes. Keep a watch until the curry starts to thicken.


6. At this stage, add fish pieces and sesame oil. Boil in high flame for 5 minutes.  After 5 minutes, let the curry boil for 7 to 8 minutes in simmer flame. Do not cook more than 15 minutes. Do not use your ladle to mix or to check your curry. Just lift the pan and rotate gently in the circular motion. Make sure the fish is not broken in any of this process.


7. Now you can see the curry is in thick consistency and the oil is separated. This shows that your curry is ready. Transfer it to a bowl. If you are interested you can temper it with curry leaves.


Have a delicious fish curry and enjoy with your family. 🐟🐠🍜 Expecting your valuable comments. So that I can try to rectify my mistakes in upcoming posts. Other than this if you have any doubts please feel free to write your comments below. Thanks. 😊


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