I am kalpana, born and brought up in Chennai. After marriage I came to Singapore and living here for past 12 years with my hubby and 2 kids.  When my son (youngest) started his primary schooling I got some free time so to engage myself in a meaningful way, I started this blog. My hubby helps me, in technical works. Its only my mom and sister gave motivation to start my blog. Thank you my dear Hubby (Ravi), mom, Ramya (sister), and to all my friends who are supporting me.

My native is Virudhunagar near Madurai. In order to publicize my native’s signature dishes I use this blog. Not only my native dishes but also my mother in laws food ( great expert in Biriyani). And the foods which I enjoyed much from my relatives, neighbors, friends, etc. I started to cook only after my marriage. That too my mother in law, cooks very well and I only know, some basic cooking (only sambar and potato fry). She taught me how to cook. Now I started cooking better. My Signature dishes are Chicken Biriyani, Mushroom Biriyani, Fish curry, Salna ( non veg curry for parotta), Sambar (my mom’s), Tomato rasam, Lemon rasam, Potato masala, etc.

I just started posting my recipes. I will update all these recipes and more in upcoming days. You can contact me through mail. My mail id is kalpanaravindran03@gmail.com .Support me with your feed backs and valuable comments. Thanks in advance.